5 Best Waterproof ATV Speakers in 2020

In case you want to install speakers on your ATV vehicle, the best choice will probably be to opt for the waterproof ones. As a rule, they come with excellent acoustic drivers that let you listen to music outdoors when gardening and other housework. Being water-resistant makes them even more convenient. The ATV owner can put the ATV speakers at the top and avoid worries related to rain or water. Let’s discuss the most popular options one can buy online.

The top 5 choices:

  • BOSS Audio MRWT40 Waterproof ATV Speakers
  • Sound Storm BYB6 Waterproof ATV Speakers
  • NOAM NUTV4 Waterproof ATV Speakers
  • BOSS Audio ATV6B Waterproof ATV Speakers
  • Pyle Marine 800 Watt Waterproof ATV Speakers

How to choose the best waterproof speaker for your ATV?

There are plenty of factors to take into account when making a choice. First of all, the speakers should have a truly waterproof frame and be water-resistant. Keep in mind that while some manufacturers sell their goods with the water-resistant sign, they can still be damaged by water. That’s why it’s better to pick models from such brands as BOSS Audio or NOAM. Their speakers get the best reviews as the customers are 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Another important aspect one should account for is the durability of drivers. They must be designed for off-road driving. Such features will make the speakers more durable and you won’t worry about damaging them when driving your ATV. The speakers you buy should be heavy-duty or, at least, anti-slip. Otherwise, you’ll quickly damage them.

Finally, you’d better check if the speakers support both Bluetooth and wired connections. This combination will be very convenient and allows connecting the speakers to various devices.

Popular brands you can pick waterproof speakers from

According to the list of top 5 waterproof speakers, the BOSS Audio is a reliable solution. Two of their speakers landed on the list. The manufacturer makes excellent quality goods. A user will get a Bluetooth remote control and a possibility to connect the devices to Spotify or Pandora. Other advantages you are sure to get include the integrated amplifiers, convenient connectivity, and a possibility to attach the speakers to any 12V power source.

Sound Storm also makes great speakers for your ATV vehicle. The model mentioned above also supports the same music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, etc. The amplifier in these speakers is Class D. It offers both Bluetooth connection and a wired one. However, there is no remote control.

The verdict

Nowadays, the modern market offers a great selection of speakers for ATV vehicles. In case you want to add music to your housework, you should pick models from reliable companies. What’s more, it’s better to pick waterproof options created for off-road driving. These are the main criteria that are sure to help you pick a durable and high-quality speaker. It’s also better to find out how to attach the speakers beforehand. This way you’ll learn if they are suitable for you.


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