Activating Avast Cleanup Premium in the Right Way

Activating Avast Cleanup Premium is available in free and paid version. In order to profit the paid version, Avast Cleanup Premium needs a simple subscription. From time to time Avast Cleanup Premium requires its activation and the question of how to make it emerge. So, let’s clarify how to find the Avast cleanup premium activation key and activate it in the right way. 

Code of activation 

This is the easiest way to make activation of Avast Cleanup Premium. In order to make it with the code it is needed to follow the actions:

  1. Tap on the Avast Cleanup Premium symbol and open the user interface.
  2. Move to Menu and to My licenses.
  3. Tap on Input the actual activation code.
  4. After the input, tap on Enter. 
  5. Examine the subscription details and tap on Continue.
  6. Visit My license again.

Now Avast Cleanup Premium is active and doesn’t distract the attention on the useless things. 

Avast account 

There is a possibility to use Avast Account to activate Avast Cleanup Premium. It also takes several steps below:

  1. Tap on the Avast Cleanup Premium and open the user interface.
  2. Visit the menu and My licenses.
  3. Input the Avast account numbers and tap on Sign In. You can also make a subscription with your account on Facebook and Google. 
  4. Check the details. If you have several subscriptions, chose the one you prefer to use. Tap on Continue to come back to My Licenses.

Since this moment you have the active Avast Cleanup Premium and can continue your work in the usual regime. 

Other methods for activation

The user can make Avast Cleanup Premium activation in such a way:

  1. Open the email with confirmation and save the sent document to the computer.
  2. Tap on Avast Cleanup Premium to open it. 
  3. Move to Menu and My licenses.
  4. Tap Input a new code of activation.
  5. Chose Use a license document.
  6. Replace the license file on the PC and tap click on it to open.
  7. Check the details and select Continue.

Avast Cleanup Premium is activated. 

Reasons which don’t allow making activation

Sometimes it is difficult to activate Avast Cleanup Premium. This may be caused by several reasons:

  1. The code isn’t correct. Be sure that it is valid during input.
  2. If the activation code doesn’t work, use activation with Avast Account. 
  3. Emails indicated by you at the activation and subscription are different and you don’t receive the code. 

Bottom line

Activation Avast Cleanup Premium can be passed in several methods. Every method is simple and requires only several minutes but you have to be sure that all input information is correct and doesn’t contain any mistakes. Be very attentive. 


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