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How to get out of the situation, how to download a torrent if the operator has limited the download, how to bypass the blocking of torrents? In this case, a VPN comes to the rescue. It encrypts the passing traffic and the operator lets it through without restrictions. In order to download a torrent via a VPN, you need to set up a VPN server on the router or use special VNP applications for Windows and Mac computers. In this article, we will review the “Best VPN for torrenting Reddit” topic.

Why VPN is Good for Torrenting

Providers do not have the technical ability to completely block access to a website located in another country. Traffic encryption on private networks does not allow tracing a user using P2P networks. This means that a VPN for PC torrents will be relevant as long as government agencies continue to regulate the Internet.

When using a VPN to download torrents for a PC, keep in mind that many VPN servers block torrent traffic. This is done to comply with the laws of the countries in which the servers are located, as well as to reduce the load on them.

The Mechanism for Accessing Torrent Networks via Vpn

VPN for PC is used to log into the tracker website and download the .torrent file. To download the file itself through the client, an unsecured connection is used.

As Reddit users tell, the are the following advantages of VPNs for torrenting:

  • Neither the fact of visiting the tracker, nor the fact of downloading the .torrent file, nor the fact of downloading the content itself can be tracked.
  • The real IP address is replaced by the IP address of the VPN server.

And the disadvantages are the following:

  • High traffic consumption.
  • Torrent traffic is not allowed on all VPN servers.
  • You need to buy paid VPN subscriptions for most clients.

The Best VPN for Torrenting is Express VPN

We believe that one of the best VPNs for torrenting is Express VPN. Its benefits are the following:

  • There are no restrictions.
  • There are servers with allowed torrent traffic.
  • OpenVPN protocol provides complete security.
  • Up to three devices can be connected simultaneously with one subscription.
  • You can connect a VPN to your WIFI router. As a result, the connection setup will be done only once.
  • You can configure individual rules for each application.

And Reddit users tell that there are the following disadvantages of Express VPN:

  • No free trial period.
  • High price. The cost for one month is $ 13. If you take it for 15 months (12 + 3 for free), then the price will be $ 6.7 per month. And $ 10 per month when purchased for six months.


To put it short, this is a client with a flexible configuration. To use it, you need to download a network profile file. To do this, you need to independently find free VPN servers with allowed torrent traffic on the Internet.


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