Electronics Guide: Loudest Motorcycle Speakers

Only true motorcyclists know how important it is to have the loudest speakers. It’s a party on the wheels since you can enjoy music anywhere you go. If you are searching for the loudest motorcycle speakers, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’ll discuss how to pick speakers for your motorcycle and the top 5 motorcycle speakers that are the loudest on the market.

The best speakers you can get

  • MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6-Speaker;
  • BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System;
  • Shark SHKC6800SME;
  • BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers;
  • Familyus Stereo Sound System.

Most of them are available on Amazon and in specialized stores that sell speakers.

How to pick the best speakers for your motorcycle?

There are several things one should know before making a purchase. First of all, it’s better to start with the money you are willing to pay for the device. As soon as you define how much you are going to spend, you’ll be able to filter all the speakers in the right price category. Mind that the loudest speakers aren’t going to be cheap. You’ll have to pay more for high-quality sound.

Another criterion on the list is the attachment method. Different speakers have various connectors. Think about where you want to place the speakers and get the model that will fit in. Probably the most widespread option will be a connection to the handlebars like the MTX model offers.

Finally, it’s important to take into account personal preferences. Aside from being loud, users want different things. For example, some wish to be able to connect to Spotify or Pandora. Others look for convenient remote control, etc. Make a list of features you want and pick a device that offers it all.

The most reliable brands on the market

Looking at the list of speakers, it’s clear that the loudest one is the MTX speaker. Elegant, convenient, and very loud. This option has it all.

Another brand worth your attention is the Boss Audio. Two of the company’s speakers landed on the list of top 5 motorcycle speakers. It speaks volumes about the reliability and durability of the devices. Keep in mind that they aren’t the most compact options. Yet, they have a great quality of sound.

Other brands worth your attention include Shark and Familyus. They bring plenty of extra features. For instance, the Shark speaker from the list is the whole sound system that comes with four speakers and remote control. It supports card readers and allows playing the downloaded music. What’s more, the owners can use the USB port to attach other devices.

Familyus, on the other hand, stands out by being compact. It’s not the loudest on the list but the volume and sound quality are good. One can attach it to the 12V power outlet or directly to the battery. This is the most affordable solution on the list that will make your trips more memorable and fun.


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