Ideals VDR Approach to Creating Tomorrow’s M&A Deals Using Today’s Technology

Virtual Data Rooms are unique online repositories, designed for use in business industries because the programs have an exceptional level of security. With VDRs, you can store and share your sensitive data with a third party during an M&A or any other transaction. Data rooms now have a huge customer base all over the world, with various vendors offering their own unique services. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular VDR providers, Ideals, and find out what it has to offer us. 

Virtual IDeals Data Room

As mentioned, IDeals is one of the most popular VDR solutions. And all because the developers offer a sophisticated program structure to make your work easier. IDeals has many useful features and supports more than 25 file formats for storage.

The provider guarantees the best security protocols that create a barrier between your space and the outside network and help protect your data from cyberattacks while allowing for confidential conversations within the program. Security is another indication of why IDeals is so popular. 

This data room is primarily designed for medium and large businesses, as it is designed to create large projects that small businesses won’t use. IDeals offers M&A features for both the seller and buyer sides, due diligence, fundraising, post-merger integration, and more for a host of processes and industries. 

Overview of the main features of IDeals

Below, we’ll take a look at the top features of the IDeals data room that are great for M&A deals.

  • Document Management

IDeals virtual data room presents you with a simple drag and drop system to move your documents from computer to space faster. Users are not limited in any way by the number of documents they can upload, and the whole process is quick and easy. All files are automatically formatted into RDF format. The system also has a quick file search function, and overall with this tool, the process of organizing documents becomes twice as easy.

  • Security 

IDeals has the best security certifications, indicating that its level of security has been recognized internationally. Also, the system offers a unique “Fence View” feature that protects your camera on your device from unauthorized access by hackers. Remote shredding allows you to remotely decide who can or cannot access the file, and watermarks will protect your documents from data leakage both in life and on the Internet. 

IDeals also offers several levels of data permissions through which the administrator can deny copying, printing, forwarding, etc. 

  • User Management

When you allow a lot of users to access your sensitive data during an M&A, you have to be careful about their security, but with IDeals, this can be done much easier. VDR allows you to bulk-enroll users, configure each user’s access to all partitions and files in the space, and monitor user activity. 

In addition to manual permissions, IDeals also provides the ability to issue roles. You have four roles that you can assign to users, and their capabilities will be determined by their roles.

  • Other Features

IDeals is also known for its simple, customizable interface. The intuitive layout of features greatly reduces your time to adapt to the program. Invited users will also be able to get used to the space quickly. You can customize your branding. 

The Q&A feature helps maintain communication between parties and instantly answers users’ questions. All discussions are strictly confidential. 

The provider offers excellent performance and speed features and a flexible variety of pricing plans.