Norton vs Avast Comparison to Help You Choose the Best Antivirus

Choosing an antivirus is incredibly important if you want to safely use the Internet and your computer in general. In this Norton vs Avast article, we will compare these two antiviruses.

Avast Description

The Avast company released its product in 1998. Even then, the service was far from being the first on the market, so it was forced to withstand competition. Apparently, it successfully succeeded, since even after more than 10 years it is still popular among users. However, for some users, it seems that this antivirus has almost nothing to brag about. Is it true? Not really.

Avast Free Antivirus

The completely free version of Avast call “Free Antivirus” does not include very many features. First of all, it includes the so-called smart protection. It involves working with the system firewall, monitoring open and closed ports, as well as combating various types of viruses, including ransomware, and phishing sites.

In addition to the basic features, Avast Free Antivirus has prepared a couple of additional ones. So, in this version, there is a game mode that allows you to turn off non-critical notifications while playing or watching movies. In addition, there is the CyberCapture function, which makes it possible to automatically send suspicious files to the provider’s cloud for scanning.

Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security is a paid plan that includes all the features of the free version and a number of additional ones. These include, for example, the control of external devices. This function allows you to monitor programs that try to access the microphone, webcam, etc. You can also prohibit the connection of external devices as such.

The tariff includes other functions. First of all, it is a sandbox, which is a system emulator and allows you to run suspicious files in complete isolation from the system. Complete removal is also available. This function allows you to delete a file without the possibility of even partial recovery. In addition, the tariff has a passive mode. It makes it possible to work with another, second antivirus in parallel.

Norton 360 Review

This is a modern and multifunctional antivirus with the most complete set of available options. Among its capabilities is an automatic update of the database, which ensures an excellent level of protection of information in real-time. The program has a built-in firewall to protect against hackers, as well as access to the Recovery Tool function, which provides all the possibilities for the most successful recovery and rebooting of data in case your PC got too many viruses.

The antivirus actively uses cloud technologies in its work, controls security when downloading files, and has a built-in parental control function. The program provides complete network security, identifies phishing sites, and distinguishes them from ordinary ones. Full protection against hacker attacks is provided here due to the original data protection mechanism. Also, in this most advanced version of the software, the use of data backup is provided. There is also a built-in recovery mode for data, files, and folders.


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