What are the Best Types of Tower Speakers?

Compared to just a few years ago, modern tower speakers come in tiny packages. Yet, they are more powerful than ever and bring top-quality sound along with durability. Let’s discuss what tower speakers are and which ones are the best in the modern market.

What is a tower speaker?

Tower speakers are also called floor-standing speaker devices. The design is big enough to let them stand by themselves. These speakers do not need extra support. Big enough speakers deliver excellent sound and often get installed in a living room or home cinema rooms.

The best tower speakers you can buy

  • Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Tower Speaker
  • Sony SSCS3 3-Way Tower Speaker
  • Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker
  • Onkyo SKF Floor-Standing Tower Speakers
  • Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series

If you plan on buying any model from this list, these are sure to bring complete satisfaction and excellent sound quality. Each of them is available on Amazon and in specialized stores.

When choosing suitable tower speakers, you should also take into account that there are different kinds of these devices.

Main tower speaker kinds

  • Dynamic speakers

This device type is traditional and a widespread one. As a rule, they use a crossover network. They come in the 2-way bookshelf or the 3-way floor standing ones. Most home theaters come with these speakers.

  • Electrostatics speakers

This kind of towers speakers sends high voltage instead of high frequencies. They may also come in hybrid design like in Martin Lagan speakers. Such devices do not need a crossover network. Electrostatic tower speakers are said to have fewer sound distortions. What’s more, these speakers are bigger than usual but very good at deep bass.

  • Planar speakers

These tower speakers deliver 3D sound with the help of a thin membrane. Popular speakers that use this technology are Magnepan. However, one can seldom come across such speakers in home theatres. They are too bulky and consume lots of resources.

  • Ribbon speakers

This type got such a name as people usually refer to the thin ribbon driver used inside them. They can reproduce 3D sound without losing the power of dynamics. Wisdom Audio makes such tower speakers. The brand manufacturer expensive in-wall models far from all can afford.

  • Horn loaded speakers

A lot of recording studios and cinemas use such devices due to their peculiarities. They deliver very distinctive sound and are much more efficient than traditional options.

  • Bipolar speakers

The name itself implies that the speakers reproduce sound in both directions. The design secures the creation of a 3D sound. Probably the most recognized speakers for those who attend THX-certified theatres. However, it’s unlikely you’ll want to get them in your house.

The verdict

Choosing tower speakers turns out to be more complicated than one may think. They come in all kinds of sizes and use various technologies to deliver sound. So, pick the ones that suit you best.


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