Which Service is better: Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes

Bitdefender and Malwarebytes are the most popular antivirus programs among the users in the antivirus market. Both of them provide a rich list of special opportunities and adequate price policy. They don’t stay in one place and develop their possibilities and strengthen the protection possibilities. But every user puts the question: how to decide what is better and why? Let’s clarify the question, Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes, what is the best one and why?

The special features

Every antivirus is characterized by its own features. The aim is to protect carefully the user information including personal and financial data and to ensure the security of the users actions.

The list of Bitdefender features includes the Total Security package: webcam security, encryption of files, parental controls, and firewalls in two-way. It also proposes Express VPN, Safepay, which guarantees the financial actions confidentiality.

The number of Malwarebytes features is less than Bitdefender has. It doesn’t offer many opportunities such as VPN and webcam protection.

Price policy

There is no winner in the category. Both programs have an equal price policy. Maybe some difference can be on the different sites.


This is one of the most important categories in the antivirus comparison. Bitdefender showed the most effective functions in the protection and it was classified as a “top product” according to the AV test. At present, the developers are occupied with its promotion.

Malwarebytes antivirus doesn’t work badly, it also provides solid protection from the threats and hacking attacks but comparatively to Bitdefender it doesn’t ensure full protection from the hacking attacks and malicious software.

So, Bitdefender becomes the winner in the category.

Support policy

Bitdefender guarantees the support 24/7. It provides support in many languages and the well-graduated operators give the replies to the user’s questions immediately.

Malwarebytes offers to the users only Live Chat and during a definite time period. It isn’t comfortable for the users. But the user can address Malwarebytes in a forum which operates well.

So, Bitdefender has the advantage here with its continual operation.

User Friendliness

Malwarebytes antivirus is characterized by the regular interface and its easy installation. Bitdefender is considered the most user-friendly interface and with installation in a few minutes. So, both antiviruses are equal in the category but according to the numerous test results, Bitdefender receives a victory.

Bottom line

Bitdefender is the winner in the antivirus programs because it provides the users with complete safety, easy installation and offers continual support.

Malwarebytes is also a good antivirus but his possibilities are less than its concurrent has.


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